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Santa Claus
is Comin' to Town (DS)
Follow the adventures of Kris Kringle and his friends in this wonderful interactive adventure book.  Enjoy 3 interactive and personalized adventures as well as over 130 fun games and activities!
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Rudolph The
Red-Nosed Reindeer (DS)
Follow the adventures of Rudolph and his friends in this wonderful interactive storybook.  Enjoy 4 interactive and personalized stories as well as over 130 fun games and activities!
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House M.D. (PC and DS)
Play as Dr. House and the skilled staff at Princeton-Plainsboro Hospital, as you race to unravel medical mysteries.  Track down the correct diagnosis by interviewing and examining patients, performing lab tests, surgery, and more.  The clock is ticking, but be prepared for multiple twists and turns before you solve each of the 5 cases.
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Marker Man Adventures (DS)
It was just an ordinary day in the life of Marker Man, the loveable stick figure, and his pal Doodles.  That all ended abruptly, however, when Doodles went missing without a trace.  Guide this hand drawn hero through hundreds of physics based puzzles using your stylus as a creative tool to safely bring his canine friend home!
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Clueless Fashion (DS)
Clueless Fashion is the story of a young girl growing from a typical Beverly Hills teenager into a successful fashion designer.  The story follows the adventures of Cher Horowitz as she shops, hangs out with her friends and meets many interesting people, one of which is a famous clothing designer who offers her a chance of a lifetime!
Babysitting Mania (DS)
In Babysitting Mania, players progress through more than 100 levels of fast-paced, overlapping challenges as they feed, entertain and clean up after rambunctious kids in 20 chaotic houses.  Players use the Touch Screen to manage every aspect of the household with speed and precision, from strategically employing 'timeouts' to overseeing bonus birthday party levels that add neighborhood party guests to the mania!
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Scratch 'N Win (iPhone and iPod Touch)
Bring home the addicting and compelling experience of the lottery with Scratch 'n Win!, the premiere lottery ticket game for the iPhone and iPod Touch.
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Totem (iPhone and iPod Touch)
Help the tribes worship their Gods by constructing toem poles, and earn tribe points by filling the lands with your creations.  As you play, you will be able to unlock additional tribes, achieve milestones and earn tribe medallions.  Totem is an amazing action puzzle game that's guaranteed to keep you glued to your mobile device for hours!
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Earth Day (iPhone and iPod Touch)
Earth Day is an action-packed arcade game that pits the player in an engaging experience of defending our Mother Earth from fleets of alien spaceships attempting to invade our planet.  Give it a try and we guarantee you'll be hooked!
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Carpark Craze (iPhone and iPod Touch)
Your poor Beetle is trapped amongst a sea of cars!  It ís up to you to free it from each of 250 horrendous Carpark jams.  Your task is simple, yet challenging - move vehicles forward and back until youíve cleared a path between your Beetle and the Exit Circle.
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